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Reading about organization hacks is one thing. Seeing actual human beings doing the work is another. If you are looking for some motivation to get off the couch and get organizing, go to YouTube. The platform brims with people who make the task seem easy, fun, rewarding, and inexpensive.

The women there take creativity to the next level. Many will show you how to use ordinary things to make your space neat and tidy. The only problem is that you can waste plenty of time watching the wrong channels. In this article, we take you on a YouTube journey to show you the best home organization channels.

1. Brittany Vasseur

No doubt, the queen of home organization is the beautiful and sassy stay at home mom, Brittany Vasseur. From DIYs to cleaning and organization to budgeting, this woman is packed with invaluable information. Back in the day, she was all about beauty and skincare. Although she throws those kinds of videos once in a while, she mainly focuses on lifestyle videos on homemaking and family life now. She is a mother of two; Carter (three and a half years old) and a girl ( Capri, less than one month old).

Brittany will tell you all the secrets of making cleaning a worthwhile experience, how to save coins while enjoying life, what to eat to stay healthy, and generally hacks for life. She’s very real and funny, which makes watching her videos both educational and entertaining. Plus Carter’s clips are so fulfilling. In short, the channel will give you organizational ideas that are practical and easy.

2. Clean my space

Melissa Maker, a Canadian business owner, is another sensation on YouTube when it comes to cleaning and organization. Watching her channel will prompt you to take action. Together with her husband, Melissa is an authority in the cleaning and organizational space.

She founded the company MakersClean which sells cleaning products in Canada. She also runs the cleanmyspace blog. Clearly, this girl knows what she’s doing. Her videos are relatable, simple, clear, and simply fun to watch. You will learn how to make your own cleaning products using readily available products, organizational hacks on a budget, and more on her channel.

3. Clutter Bug

The clutter bug is yet another Canadian home organization YouTuber with amazing content on the subject. With over 300 videos, you bet her channel is nothing short of value. Whether you are looking for motivation to spring clean, using space to your advantage, or anything in between, clutter bug has got you covered. She’s honest, true to herself, humble, and very creative. The channel has everything to do with organizing, cleaning, DIYs, de-cluttering, and decorating.

4. Love Meg

Love Meg YouTube channel is another favorite among homemaking circles. Megan, a stay-at-home mom of two has perfected the art of nurturing kids, building a good partnership with your spouse, creating a brand, and keeping your life organized. She will show you her mom routines, beauty hacks, cleaning and organization tips, grocery hauls, healthy living, and more. Her two kids are also the cutest, so is her firefighter of a husband.

5. At home with Nikki

Some people are naturals when it comes to DIYs, crafts, and interior décor. Nikki from At Home with Nikki is certainly one of them. Her taste in design will blow your mind. She takes ordinary stuff and converts them into stunning elements.

The best thing about Nikki is that she makes her videos as practical as possible. She inspires you to think outside the box and create the home of your dreams. Apart from crafts, décor, organization, and cleaning, Nikki features amazing recipes that will help you be a better cook with minimal effort. She’s also a born again Christian who is bold and aggressive about her faith in Jesus.

6. Do it at a Dime

While most home organization channels feature stay-at-home or self-employed mums, Do it at a Dime is different. Kathryn, the founder of the channel, is a full-time teacher and a mom of two. She ingeniously wears all her hats with confidence and excellence. Her channel packs a punch and will show you that you can keep your home looking neat and tidy without breaking the bank. This is what makes her so special and rewarding to watch. That and the fact that she’s patient with her kids and doesn’t paint a picture-perfect life makes the channel a must-watch.

7. Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese is a highly successful YouTuber from British Columbia, Canada. Her subscribers just crossed the one million mark. No one gets such numbers from being mediocre and average. As a young mom of three and a wife, Sarah will make you question your choices in life.

Her house is always spotless. She’s about minimalism, simplifying life, eating right, and generally taking care of yourself. From morning routines to day in the life videos to workout routines, Sarah is a source of inspiration to many. She will show you how to juggle between keeping a clean house, taking care of young kids, giving your spouse attention, and running a business – all without losing your mind.

8. Jenny Mustard

Organizing feels a lot less like a chore if you personalize it. Unfortunately, in the media-dominated global village we live in, knowing what makes you tick is becoming harder by the day. If you are looking for someone who will inspire you to organize your house according to your taste, the Swedish YouTuber Jenny Mustard fits the bill. This girl is unapologetically vegan and a minimalist. She’s been that way all her life.

Just a quick glance at her closet and home and you will notice that she knows and owns her style. She doesn’t spend her money or trends unless they resonate with her personality. In the end, she creates the perfect life for herself. Jenny and her boyfriend Peter are nomads, moving from country to country. She brings her subscribers along with them by giving tours of her apartments, how she maintains her weight, and most importantly, her minimalist lifestyle.

9. Home Organizing by

All the aforementioned YouTube channels on this list have been created by average women on the treadmill of life. If you want to see a pro in action, Alejandra Costello of Home Organizing by is the woman to look out for. She shows you how to develop an organizational system that you can stick to for the long haul.

Her channel is positive and inspiring. The best thing about Alejandra is that she utilizes her home for pretty much all her videos. All her organizational experiments happen right at home. Her videos include dollar tree hacks, simple installations, and a plethora of simple tips and tricks for home organization.

10. Brianna K

Brianna K is a soft-spoken homemaker from Cleveland. She has managed to create a warm and loving home for her husband, two kids (and one on the way), and one dog. She quit her teaching job to stay at home with her family and takes her roles seriously. In between spring cleaning her massive house, developing killer recipes, and doing interior décor projects, Brianna manages her blog BitsofBri and her YouTube channel. 24 hours is enough for her to handle multiple tasks without dropping the ball. If you are looking for ideas to get your life on track, definitely check her out.

Everyone enjoys living in a clean, fresh, and organized environment. Doing the work is where the rubber meets the road. Knowing a few tips for cleaning in under an hour will help. Learning useful hacks for keeping a clean space for the long haul will definitely inspire you to take action. That’s what you get from watching the channels mentioned in this guide. Just pick what applies to you and run with it.


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