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A small room comes with its perks. For one, cleaning is hassle-free. Then there’s the fact that achieving a cozy effect is easier compared to a big room. However, there are a few downsides to having a tiny space. Perhaps one of them is how to make it appear bigger. That’s what this article is all about today.

Here are a few secrets on how you make your room look bigger. Start by de-cluttering the space. Get rid of as many things as you can. Then choose one large furniture piece rather than small ones, add mirrors, utilize lighting, use solid colors and patterns on your upholstery, go for lighter colors overall, create a focal point, arrange your furniture right, and use drapes appropriately.

Let’s go over the secrets in detail.

1. De-clutter

How You Make Your Room Look Bigger

There’s nothing as annoying as unsettling as having too much stuff and too little space. You can do something about it by undertaking the good old purging before anything else. You’d be surprised how happier and stress-free you can be just by having less stuff. By going through all your possessions, you will probably realize that you need half or a quarter of them. Plus, if you donate, you will be doing some good to the world. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t touched an item for a year, it’s time for it to go.

2. Choose short furniture pieces

how to make your room look bigger

High furniture fills up on space as they occupy more of it at the top. A short piece of furniture, on the other hand, promotes the feeling of openness as it leaves a lot of space above it. If you are choosing a bed, for instance, go for a loft bed. If you don’t mind, place your mattress on the floor. Your living room sofa should be the low-to-the-ground piece from the mid-century or 19th century days. Things like ottomans, open armless chairs, and low tables also fall in this category.

3. Utilize mirrors

The idea of utilizing mirrors to give the appearance of a large space is pretty common. Yet, so many homeowners are yet to take advantage of this timeless secret. Mirrors open up a room as they reflect light. They trick the eye and make a small room appear large. The beauty with mirrors is that they can reflect both natural and artificial light.

Place a mirror near your bedroom window to bring in the light from the outdoors to the indoors. Mirrors placed on glass table tops, cabinet doors, walls, and even on floors will really make your room appear larger than it really is.

4. Optimize lighting

How You Make Your Room Look Bigger

Speaking of lighting, this is one area you need to get right if you want to have a seemingly bigger room. Natural lighting has been known to create a feeling of openness and the illusion of space. If your room has windows, you are very lucky. Open them up as much as you can. Use sheer window treatments to bring the outdoors in and ultimately stop limiting your space. If you don’t like the outside view, place plants near your windows. As for artificial lighting, utilize a number of lamps in different locations of the room to make it look expansive.

5. Use color to your advantage

Lighting goes hand in hand with color. They both capitalize on optical illusion to make a room appear larger. In the world of interior décor, light colors are known to give the illusion of space. They can instantly make a room appear brighter and larger. This means that if you paint your walls light, the room will appear airy and open. Ultimately, this will help reflect natural light even better.

Darker colors absorb light hence making spaces appear smaller. For the best results, stick to soft tones such as off white, green, and blues. Apart from the wall color, go for matching furniture pieces. Creating contrast is never a good idea as it will make your room look smaller.

6. Keep it simple with your choice of furniture

How You Make Your Room Look Bigger

When it comes to choosing your upholstery, you got to go with solid-colored choices. Stripes, prints, and bold patterns look incredibly cute but they are not the perfect choice for making a room bigger. Instead, they will make your already tiny space appear even tinier. Stick to neutral tones and plain colors for maximum results. Don’t worry- there are plenty of sofas and chairs out there that are stunning without being over-the-top.

7. Create a focal point

The 7th secret to making a small room appear bigger is by creating a focal point. In simple terms, this is the area in the room that draws the attention of the eye. When you open the door, it should grab your attention over everything else. Having such an area in the room will make the space appear larger. Most living rooms use the TV, large sofa, or the fireplace as the focal point. Bedrooms have the bed and dining rooms, the table. Whichever item you choose, arrange the rest of the stuff in a way that the focus is on the item.

8. Arrange your items for success

The layout of the room also has a direct impact on its appearance. If you are looking to expand your living room, push your furniture against the wall. This way, you will maximize space. Also, keep the flow by creating clear traffic patterns. In general, let the space appear de-cluttered and neatly organized. If you block pathways, windows, or doorways, you will not only compromise the overall look of the room but you will also make the room appear cramped.

9. Go for one large furniture piece rather than small ones

When you are working in a tiny space, it is common to choose small pieces of furniture for obvious reasons. However, if you want the feeling of openness and illusion of space, you are better off having one huge sofa than a few small accent chairs. In the bedroom, choose one king size bed that fills up most of the space. Small pieces will only make the space appear cluttered.

10. Use see through materials as much as you can

Ever walked into a room with glass furniture or a bathroom with a glass shower and noticed how open and larger the space appeared? Any material that is see-through has this effect as things appear further away. Let’s use the example of a bathroom: when you install a clear glass enclosure, you will see the back of the shower compared to using an opaque one. Substitute your wooden tabletops and use glass or lucite instead.

11. The best way to use drapes

How You Make Your Room Look Bigger

Here’s a fact – drapes make a room appear smaller. The best window treatments to create the illusion of space are breezy sheers. However, if you must use them for one reason or the other, ensure they are tall. If possible, let them run from the ceiling to the floor. The height will trick the eye into thinking the room is big. Additionally, the drapes should have the same color as your walls. This trick has also been found to create the illusion of space.

12. Leave empty space

How You Make Your Room Look Bigger

Finally, to make a small room look bigger, resist the temptation of filling up every available space with stuff. Leave some space in your display case. Don’t fill your bookshelf with books. Not all your walls need to be filled with mirrors and photo albums. Sometimes, having open space can help create the illusion of space not to mention make cleaning much easier and faster.

There it is – 12 ingenious ways to make a small room appear bigger. You don’t need a lot of space to promote the feeling of comfort, openness, and illusion of space. You only need to be intentional about what you put in your space.

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