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Organizing a Home Recording Studio

7 Best Kept Secrets for Organizing a Home Recording Studio

  Having a home recording studio is a breath of fresh air for any musician. It opens up a world of possibilities for curating their talent and skill. However, keeping it organized can be a real challenge. How do you navigate the countless cables, MIDI controllers, virtual instruments, computer monitors, and the rest of the …

How to organize recipes electronically

5 Leading Apps to Help you Organize Recipes Electronically

Finding recipes in the technological world we live in is a breeze. From Pinterest to online and offline magazines to YouTube, there’s a ton of places with killer recipes. However, the trick is in keeping them organized so you can get access to one when you need it. How do you ensure that your favorite …

Is a Professional Home Organizer Worth It?

Is a Professional Home Organizer Worth It?

You have mastered enough motivation to clean and organize your home. The first order of business is to de-clutter your entire house. So you take the step and purge but before long the task overwhelms you to the point of giving up. To think that you’ve barely scratched the surface makes you even more frustrated. …