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Welcome to Cosy Nests!

My name is Alice Cheptoo Ronnie – a wife and mother of one. I created this blog to help you keep an organized home. To be honest, I am a recovering slob myself. Growing up, I never really enjoyed cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and all that stuff. However, something changed when  I became a mom. I started noticing the need to keep my life together starting with my house.

Suddenly, having a cluttered house became unbearable for me. Waiting to do the dishes in the morning rather than after dinner wasn’t appealing anymore. It’s been almost three years now and I can confidently say I have taken a few steps in the right direction. Doing laundry, dishes, cleaning windows, all that has now become a part of me.

Blogging came naturally after seeing the change that had taken place in me. Surely if I can change and become a homemaker and an organized woman, you can too. Frankly, that boils down to a mindset change. The tips shared on this blog will only work if the organ in between your ears is sold out. Once you decide to stay committed and do this for the long-term, the rest will follow suit.

I try to make the tips practical and easy to follow. The world is crazy, to say the least. No one has the time for things that complicate their lives even more. If you are looking for organization and cleaning advice that is not overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place.

When I am not blogging, I spend time with my baby boy, Asher who turned three recently, and his dad who is a pastor at our local church. I love trying out recipes too and making content on Youtube.

Thanks for stopping by!