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When it comes to furniture layout in the living room, most people prefer to push them towards the wall. The idea of placing a couch in the middle of the living room sounds absurd. However, if you like to be creative with your home’s interior décor, you must have thought about the possibility of pulling your sofa away from the walls and placing it in the living room.

So, can you put a couch in the middle of the living room? Yes. Doing that ensures that the sofa is the natural focal point in the room. It also boosts traffic flow, keeps your home unique, and helps with maximum utilization of space.

Reasons to place the couch in the middle of the room

In the world of interior décor, the art of pulling furniture away from the wall is known as floating. Hence, when you float a sofa, you essentially place it a distance away from the walls. It could be right in the middle of the room or further away from the traditional layout of pushing everything against the wall. Here are some of the reasons why placing your sofa in the middle of the room is such a great idea.

1. Creates a cozy space

If you have a massive living room, you are especially better off centering your sofa rather than pushing it on the wall. This is because doing the latter will leave the whole room looking empty and boring. You don’t want the appearance of a hall for your living room. That neither looks good nor promotes coziness. Floating your sofa on the other hand, is a great idea as it creates a high level of coziness and intimacy. Your family members or guests are less likely to feel too far apart from each other. A cozy atmosphere is a good spot for conversations and the feeling of being intimate.

2. Saves on space

Can You Put a Couch in the Middle of the Room

Apart from keeping things traditional, home owners push furniture against the wall for reason of saving space. I mean, when your sofa is paced at the far end of the room, you have a ton of space in front of it to put everything else. However, the contrary almost always ends up happening.

See, many people eventually leave a lot of dead space which would otherwise be utilized. Floating a sofa can help you achieve a perfect décor project no matter the size of your room. You can have the wall space as your display area for your collections and have the couch occupy the center of the room. How about placing a large cabinet or a bookshelf in the wall space to create a beautiful symmetrical arrangement? You can also just have an arm chair on the free space and make it a cute little lounge area.

3. Makes the sofa the focal point

When you walk into your room, what is the first thing you see? If you are like most people, this translates to the TV. Granted that’s perfectly okay but if you want to take things to the top, consider having the sofa as your focal point instead. If you have a fireplace, angle the sofa right opposite it for a good look. You can also let it sit opposite your TV as well. The idea is to have the sofa being the room’s focal point.

4. Opens up the room

Traffic flow is a big issue with regards to furniture layout. A sofa angled against a wall makes access to certain areas quite difficult. Anything behind the sofa is practically impossible to reach for unless you move things around. However, a floating sofa boost access and traffic flow a great deal.

Of course, you have to be intentional about the layout of your entire room to be successful here. For instance, your sofa and coffee table should be apart from each other, enough to allow people to pass through with ease. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile at best. Create clear paths so your guests and family members can freely walk around the room.

5. Makes it easy to divide a room

Want to subtly divide your living into two? Placing a sofa in the middle of it will make it possible. Perhaps you want to partition the room so you can use the other half as your dining area. As long as you arrange your furniture right, the outcome should be nothing short of amazing.

Tips for floating your sofa

Once you ready to float your adorable sofa, you don’t want to just push things around. There are a few tips for success to keep in mind. Here are some of them.

  • Ensure a great balance effect: when arranging furniture in any room, the most important thing to consider is the overall balance. This is especially true for the living room as it tends to have a number of visually- heavy stuff (think sofas, arm chairs, coffee tables, bookcases, and so on). If you place most of the items on one side of the room, the space will appear unbalanced. A sofa is a huge piece of furniture and thus requires an item of equal weight across it to balance things out. In most cases, two arm chairs are placed across a sofa for this very reason.
  • Keep a clear traffic pattern: we’ve mentioned the importance of having a good traffic flow in the room. As you move your furniture around, keep this is mind. Maintain enough distance between furniture pieces so that your traffic lines are clear. As a rule, always ensure a space of at least 2.5 feet between the sofa and other furniture pieces. Maintain the same spacing with windows, chairs, and walls. Additionally, the couch should not block doorways or windows. If you have to place it near a window, ensure the back of the sofa is short enough not to block natural light from entering the room. While you are at it, ensure there are no hazards in the traffic patterns for obvious reasons.
  • Push your buttons: thanks to the traditional way of doing things, most home owners try to follow the same old principles of arranging the living room. These include utilizing matching couches, keeping things asymmetrical, and having the television as the focal point. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing the above, you can open a new world of possibilities if you think outside the books. Throw in a pop of color, switch things up, mix and match, combine different styles, and just experiment with different proportions until you feel comfortable.
  • Keep the right number of items: regardless of the size of your room, having too many or too few furniture pieces is essential. A living room with minimal items will appear incomplete. Even if you are on the minimalism path, you might want to add one or two visually-heavy furniture pieces to go with your sofa. Similarly, ensure you don’t have too many items in there as it will only look cluttered.

The answer to the question, “can you put a couch in the middle of the room?” is a thunderous yes! Clearly, it comes with a host of benefits compared to the traditional wall-hugging idea. If you like to experiment, try this idea and revamp your living room. There’s a high likelihood that you will absolutely love the outcome.

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