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So you have done everything in your power to organize your space. You ordered all the cute storage containers from Amazon. Your closets, cabinets, and shelves store and display your items beautifully. However, despite your best efforts, there are just some trivial items that don’t have a designated place because they don’t seem to belong anywhere.  In this guide we reveal tips of organizing knick knacks.

So how can I organize my knick knacks? As usual, begin by de-cluttering your items. Next, sort them out and group similar objects together. Once you are done, consider using creative storage solutions including jars, stackable bins, muffin tins, pill organizers, and magazine holders to accommodate the items.

What are knick knacks?

Knick knacks is a term that refers to specific household items that have limited (or zero) use around the home. Going by this definition, it is safe to infer that anything that simply fills up your space but doesn’t have any worth qualifies as a knick knack. Ideally, these trivial objects shouldn’t sit and occupy valuable space at home but they do anyway. Some just look good and homeowners use them to decorate their spaces. Others have a deep sentimental value that throwing them away is not an option. Examples are old TV sets, cameras, boxes, kids’ toys, porcelain plates, and so on.

A knick can also be an item that is hard to store just because it doesn’t fit in traditional storage solutions. If you ask a professional organizer how to organize knick-knacks, they are likely to tell you to toss most of them. You can go ahead if you want to but if you desire to keep them, consider the tips below:

1. Cut down on stuff

There’s no escaping de-cluttering as far as organizing is concerned. This step is undoubtedly the most crucial and effective of them all. You’ll be surprised how many knick knacks you actually don’t need in your home. You will probably never use some of them for as long as you live. Why let them crowd your space when they can be of benefit to someone else? Go through all your miscellaneous items and realize what needs to go and what needs to stay.

2. Group like items

Secondly, you need to create some kind of order for displaying the items. Despite having tens or hundreds of different objects, there are those that just have something in common. Simply gather small items that belong in one category and store them together. For instance, when displaying a gallery on a wall, ensure all the plants are located in one area while the kitchen utensils are in another one. Doing this will give the room a tidy look rather than a cluttered one.

You can group like items for all your rooms including the home office, bedrooms, dining area, living room, kid’s playroom, and the kitchen. In the bedroom, assemble all the magazines and books in one place. If you are organizing your home office, the pens can go into one spot. The idea is to organize your stuff and possibly create a focal point.

3. Jars are your best friends

Mason jars are very handy organizing tools around the home. There are countless possibilities when organizing with them. They are stunning décor pieces that double up as storage solutions. You can use them to store spices, marinades, soap, kitchen wipes, fresh food, coffee, knick-knacks, and so much more. The advantage of using jars is that they are very affordable while being functional and pretty. They also add such a cozy element to your home. The fact that they can be painted and wrapped in twine makes them even more awesome.

The market has different colors of jars. If you are not comfortable with a transparent container, you can opt for a blue one instead. Jars are especially great for tiny objects such as screws, nails, thumbtacks, craft supplies, tiny toys such as blocks, cotton balls, toothpaste, buttons, scissors, nail clippers, and more. If you have tiny knick-knacks of different shapes, take advantage of jars to neatly store and display them.

4. Use stackable containers

Here’s another brilliant idea for organizing knick-knacks. Like jars, stackable bins are functional, affordable, and effective. They are also easier to label than other storage options. The interlocking pieces can be stacked on top of each other to capitalize on vertical space. When you organize your knick-knacks in a systematic manner, you will end up with a clutter-free space.

Stackable bins are much larger than jars which means they can accommodate larger items. If you have too many toys lying around, simply sort them out and store them sing stackable bins. Label each bin and line them up in your kid’s play area or living room. Most home owners prefer plastic containers to wooden and metal as it is long-lasting. When kept intact, plastic is not depreciated by the elements. It is also damage, corrosion, and rust-resistant. *

5. Muffin tins for tiny objects

Have a muffin tin that is no longer in use? How about turning it into a cool organizing tool? All the small things lying around including pins, hair accessories, paper clips, and zippers can comfortably fit in a muffin tins’ holes. All you need to do is sort your items by color, shape, or size and group them in different holes.

If you are into it, apply a coat of spray paint on the muffin tin prior to using it for organization to compliment your décor. You can also use a muffin tin to neatly store all your office supplies. Sort and organize them in mason jars first then arrange the jars on the muffin tin. This idea is great for things like pencils, crayons, pens, scissors, and more.

A muffin tin is also great in the bedroom particularly for organizing jewelry. Doing this will let you see all your collections clearly. When you are in a rush, you can grab your preferred option and go. Finally, you can utilize your muffin tin to neatly organize your coins. This trick is really beneficial if you have kids. Use it to teach them how to save and count coins. 

6. Utilize a pill organizer

Who said a pill organizer was only made to… well, organize pills? This fantastic tool can also be a real lifesaver when it comes to organizing your knick-knacks. The compartments can accommodate a number of small objects such as earrings, wedding rings, beauty rings, and more. When you hit the road, this can come in handy as it will keep its contents airtight and secure throughout the journey.

7. A magazine holder for spaghetti boxes

Storing spaghetti boxes in the kitchen can be daunting. They can’t fit in baskets, jars, and other storage tools. You can stack them against your shelf but they just won’t look beautiful. If you have a magazine organizer, you are in luck because this has proved time and again to skillfully organize spaghetti boxes. This idea is underrated yet with a little creativity, it can be very functional.

Besides holding spaghetti boxes, a magazine holder can be used to organize a plethora of kitchen items including water bottles, mail rack, plastic lids, aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, and yarn.

There it is – 7 strategies of organizing trivial objects at home aka knick-knacks. You don’t have to get rid of your beloved items just because you cannot figure out how to store them. Instead, get creative, get researching, and come up with storage ideas perfect for them. This guide has given 7 ideas already. Begin there and build up from that.

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