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How do I Show Collections Without Looking Cluttered? – 6 Ingenious Tips

The last time you went to South Africa, you came back with souvenirs, just like when you took a vacation to Italy. Your friends and family have also added on your collections by giving you numerous gifts that have has a sentimental value to you. You love all the items but sadly, they have cluttered your space. And now you are desperate for some strategy to display your collections the right way.

So how do I show collections without looking cluttered? There are plenty of ways to go about this but my favorite ideas include displaying items on open shelves, a gallery wall, a dedicated spot at home, the floor, and on a surface. If nothing makes sense to you, scratch all the rules and go rogue. Think of your own ideas and implement them as long as you feel less cluttered.

Read on if you want an in-depth description of each of the tips.

1. Use open shelves

Many people shy away from using open shelving units because they are well, open. Since they are out there for all to see, you really have to be on top of your organizing game with open shelving. You can’t hide clutter in there without them looking unsightly. On the positive side of things, open shelves are easier to organize, have the potential to brighten and enlarge your space, and are inviting to guests. They also offer more storage options compared to closed shelves.

When it comes to open shelving, you can either use a cabinet without a door or go completely open like a floating shelf. Whether it is books, vases, pitches, antiques, or dishes, you will find a place to display it in an open shelving unit. To make things really neat and beautiful, group similar items and arrange them in one shelf or one part of it. They can be of the same shape or color.

2. Display items on a wall

Wall displays add style and personality to any given space. While most items can be stored on a shelf, some look better when placed against a wall. Think of things like record albums, cute wooden spoons, hats, photo frames, basket art, clocks, and artwork. Not only does a wall display help turn a blank boring wall into an impressively stunning one but it also helps display and store stuff.

Before sticking your items on the wall, ensure the wall is large and empty. An awkward space (like the stairway) where traditional artwork doesn’t sit well is great. It is even better if the wall is the first thing you lay your eyes on when you walk through the door. Typically, a blank white wall is the best candidate for displaying a plethora of colored items. However if you have a wall of another color, don’t worry, it will do too.

If grouping similar items doesn’t tickle your fancy, feel free to mix things up. Here, you will need to do a number of test runs to see if the ideas actually make your space pop or not. To avoid puncturing you wall too many times with nails, try using command hanging strips. They have a strong adhesive that will hold your items well. Since they also come with Velcro backing, removing them is also easy. If you are up to it, utilize the hanging system used in museums. This is composed of interchangeable steel cables hanging from a track either on the upper wall or the ceiling. They can be hard to navigate but if you are ambitious, you will hack it.

3. Dedicate one spot for your collection

Here’s another timeless strategy that works wonders if you get it right. If you don’t have too many items to display, simply choose one spot in your home and use it to arrange them. You want this to be eye-level especially if you are displaying a large object. A typical place for displaying ceramic figures and chinaware is the fireplace or on the home office desk.

Line up your globes, books, or antique dishes and let them add elegance to your space. Use color to your advantage here. Combine differently colored vases, framework and other items to show authenticity and flair. If you like rustic décor, now would be a good time to bring your idea to reality. It is beautiful, simple, and charming. Bring in items of different textures and culture elements and let them fill up your space in a beautiful way

4. Some items are just better on the floor

The floor? Really? Yes, really. You’d be amazed at how ingenious displaying some collections on the floor is if it is done with intention, of course. There are a few things like plants and huge baskets that neither belong to the wall or the shelf. A great idea is having a large plant with a cute vase sitting on the fireplace. Obviously, the fireplace will have to be unused to qualify. Feel free to experiment with different ideas.

For example, rather than having only one item on the floor, consider adding stools or a low table next to the item. Add other random stuff on the stools and table and arrange everything in a way that draws the attention as soon as you walk into the room. If you are looking to artfully display some book collections artfully, create a vignette by stacking similar books together. Ensure the stacks don’t end up looking like clutter. Place a few decorative accents or plants on top of the stack to take things to the top. The only rule of thumb here is to space things up so they don’t look cluttered and unappealing.

5. Surface display is still a thing

There are plenty of empty surfaces lying around unused in your home. Why let them go to waste when they can be put into good use? Whether it is a dining table, coffee table, or the counter, you can take advantage of it to display some of your beloved collections. A good example is having a delightful plant sitting at the center of your dining table. This can also be a good decorative piece that is valuable and meaningful to you. Every time you sit down to eat with your family, you will appreciate your handiwork immensely. Consider pairing some items such as pebbles in an elegant glass jar and place it on top of a table. You can also use a basket or tray to group similar items together before presenting them on your counter.

6. Break all the rules

The rules of displaying collections in your home are not cast in stone. If you don’t like playing by the book, throw the book away, and think outside the box. For example, why don’t you pin your favorite postcards, plates, keys, bottle, toys, and cereal boxes on one frame and let it be a part of your wall display? You can also display some of your keepsakes in a rustic ladder without following any order when it comes to texture, color, and all that. As long as it looks good to you, that’s all that matters. A collection display doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Things as simple as pantry jars can be turned into beautiful decorative and storage pieces for your collections.

There it is – six ways to display your collections without looking cluttered. If you have some items that mean a lot to you, don’t be afraid to add them to your space. The trick is to get a display method that wows you every time you walk through the door.

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