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You have mastered enough motivation to clean and organize your home. The first order of business is to de-clutter your entire house. So you take the step and purge but before long the task overwhelms you to the point of giving up. To think that you’ve barely scratched the surface makes you even more frustrated. The next best thing? Call the pros to take it up from there.

Let’s face it; most homeowners are confident of their abilities to clean and organize their space. It is when the rubber meets the road, when things get a tad bit complicated that they see the need for enlisting help.

But is a professional home organizer worth it? Most definitely! An expert saves you time, minimizes wastage, offers creative solutions, and makes the organizing process less-stressful. If you are comfortable with being a little embarrassed, giving up some control, and the cost of hiring a pro, you will not regret going this route.

What do home professional organizers do?

When deciding whether to hire an expert or not, it is a good idea to know the value you are paying for. Basically, a professional organizer is tasked with the responsibility of converting a cluttered space into a neat and functional one. This involves hands-on organizing where they work with you to achieve this goal. They will help you to develop a good organization system and show you the skills of keeping an organized home. Experts use tested principles, knowledge, and experience to create efficient systems for their clients. When you hire one, they will help you de-clutter items, advise you on the best storage solutions, and generally tidy up the space.

Benefits of working with a home organizer

If you are wondering what benefit you can get from hiring a professional home organizer, here’s a list.

  • Making objective decisions: de-cluttering in itself is a fairly straightforward process. All you have to do is decide what to keep, donate, and discard. Unfortunately, making these decisions is easier said than done. Most people need extra help to make these all-important decisions. If you fit the description, consider hiring a pro. After working with many clients in the past, they will help you know how to purge like a pro. You will have an easier time determining what really needs to stay and what doesn’t belong in the house. Something may belong to the trash according to you but to an organizer, that can be turned into a treasure. In some cases, an organizer can facilitate the actual disposal of items so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Time-saving: cleaning and organizing a home is incredibly time-consuming. Whether you have a small apartment or a massive mansion, you will spend plenty of time keeping it neat and tidy. You have to learn the tips for storing your stuff. How about using a shorter route to achieve this by hiring a professional organizer? No doubt they have mastered the secret of space planning, repositioning, reusing items, and generally organizing all household items.
  • Money-saving: this sounds counterproductive but working with a professional organizer can actually save you a pretty coin in the long run. For one, experts know how to upcycle. During the process of purging, expect them to uncover items that can be reused during the organization process. This way, you will save money on storage items, décor pieces, and more. Secondly, your organizer may suggest a yard sale for your unused items. Depending on the stuff sold, you can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars from the exercise. In addition, if you are planning to sell your house, a pro can help make it more organized thereby attracting good offers for it.
  • Creative ideas: whether it is disposing of your items right, reusing stuff, or simply maximizing on space, trust a pro to get the job done. They know the methodologies that work and those that don’t. Their creative juices never cease to flow. If you’ve hit a block as far as creativity is concerned, don’t be afraid to hire a professional organizer.
  • Expert help: home organization is an art that goes beyond moving items around. You need a solid organizational system for all the stuff in your house. The system needs to be functional, effective, and easy to sustain. You need to maximize space without crowding it. Experts know these things too well and will not hesitate to make your space look and feel like heaven for you.
  • New perspective: a new set of eyes is the secret ingredient to take your organization efforts to the top. It is what you need to break through the challenges, get more motivated, think outside the box, and enjoy the process.

The cons of hiring a professional organizer 

While hiring a professional home organizer is a great thing, there’s the other side of the coin. Before shelving your coins for one, you might want to know the pros of working with one.

  • Embarrassment: the very act of asking for help to get organized can be quite the embarrassment. It can send the message that you don’t know how to keep your life together. That you have failed in your responsibilities. In addition to that, having a stranger in every part of the house is not an easy decision to arrive at. This is especially true if you have private stuff or a huge mess that makes you feel vulnerable showing other people. Again, professionals have seen it all. Trust them to not judge or tell.
  • Loss of control: there’s some level of control you will have to relinquish when to hire an expert. This is just the hard truth you will be faced with. Worry not; if you get the right fit, the end result will justify the loss of control.
  • Unmet expectations: despite clearly defining your goals and needs, it’s not always that the organizer will do the job perfectly. This is just part of the process.
  • Price: professional organizers don’t come cheap nowadays. You’ll have to part with some good cash for an experienced and quality one.

Let’s talk price

Like other service providers, home professional organizers base their rates on a number of factors such as experience, location, and the extent of work done. Typically, expect to pay an hourly rate except for some who have standard rates for specific services. For instance, some charge based on the room being organized or a situation such as a move. On average, a home professional organizer charges $30-$100 per hour with a single project taking 8-12 hours. If you choose more service or go for a better experience, don’t be surprised to part with up to $150 per hour.

Clearly, the benefits of hiring a professional home organizer outweigh the cons by a huge margin. Some of the cons can actually be overcome if you get the right individual for the job. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated, there’s no shame in asking for help. Even if you are already organized but want to take things a notch higher, make the hire. Sure, you will dig deep into your pockets but the peace of mind and transformation of your space will be well worth it.

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