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What Should I Organize When Bored? – 3 Productive Things to do to Elevate your Mood

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, boredom is the state of being restless and weary because of a lack of interest in doing something.

Sound familiar?

I know it does. There are days when the mind, body and soul refuse to get things done. These are the days when doing mundane tasks such as taking a shower, answering phone calls, taking your dog for a walk, or cleaning the dishes seem like a real burden.

Despite not having the motivation to do anything whatsoever, there must be something you can do to kick the restlessness out of the window and get your mojo back.
So what should you do when bored? I suggest organizing your purse, computer files, or cleaning your make-up brushes. These are low-impact and don’t need a lot of energy. On the contrary, they can be a doorway to get you into a high-energy task and have you doing even more “complex” tasks.

Is boredom a sign of something serious?

Before we discuss the things you can do to kill boredom, let’s address the boredom in detail. For a majority of us, feeling bored is 100% normal. Sometimes we just have a hard time concentrating on a task. Other times, we try to do something but don’t get the results we are looking for. It can also be caused by being overwhelmed with the sheer number of to-do tasks or the feeling of not having a grasp over your activities. You can also be bored when you are too excited but don’t know where to channel your excitement. These are just a few of the typical causes of boredom in a perfectly healthy individual

Not to be a bearer of bad news but boredom can also be a symptom of depression. Simply put, depression is the state of having a low mood; the feeling of being constantly empty and unhappy. People with depression have a hard time falling asleep and are always feeling unworthy and sad. While boredom is normal, depression is actually a health risk. When you are in a constant state of low self-esteem or have no drive to do something meaningful with your life, it is easy to do something drastic such as suicide or murder to end the suffering. So in shot, boredom comes and goes without throwing you into a sad individual. Depression, on the other hand, is constant or very frequent and needs medical attention to treat.

What can you do to kill boredom?

When stuck at home with no interest for anything at all, the last thing you want to do is actually do something. If brushing your teeth seems like such an uphill task, how can you even begin taking on even harder tasks? Trust me; getting started is often the hardest part. But once you do begin the task, energy will flood your body then all you do afterward is ride the wave. Here’s a list of things you can do when bored.

1. Organize your purse

If you are anything like me, organizing my purse takes less priority compared to other things in my life. I have a schedule for cleaning my closets, the kitchen cabinets, bathroom, and everything. When it comes to my purse, I tend to forget or postpone organizing it till a later date. Unbeknownst to many, the purse actually has more clutter than most items. From gum wrappers to grocery receipts and make-up stains, the purse has it all.

Organizing your purse is a task that requires minimal effort but makes you feel good after doing it. Knowing you accomplished this rather small task will elevate your mood more than you’ll ever know. Follow the following steps to get the job done.

  • Empty the purse: first things first, pull all the items out of your purse and onto your bed or any surface of your choice.
  • Wipe it down: next, clean the purse by wiping it down with a wet wipe or damp cloth. If it is too dirty, you’ll have to clean it by scrubbing with soap and water.
  • Sort your items: most purses have things like mints, receipts, chap sticks, make up bags, wallets, etc. you want to sort like items to make organization effective and fulfilling.
  • De-clutter: it is amazing how many unnecessary items find their way on your purse. Now would be a perfect time to remove them. Only keep what is absolutely necessary.
  • Use pouches for better organization: this is not mandatory but if you want to really take purse organization to the next level, consider having smaller pouches to store different items within your purse. Store your pink items in one, your lipsticks in another, gums and mints in another and so on.
  • Place your items back on the purse: once you have all your pouches, the final step is to organize them neatly in your purse. As usual, items that are used often need to be easily accessible.

Just like that you are done organizing your purse. You can literally do this while sitting down. Put some music on and dare yourself to start. The rest will fall into place. You might surprise yourself when you realize how much energy you have after doing this.

2. Organize your computer files

Here’s another underrated task that needs more attention. The computer can get messy very fast. Unless you have a good routine of organizing your desktop or laptop, chances are it is messy. Perhaps you have files on your desktop. The Downloads folder is overflowing with pictures and files from a decade ago. Looking for a document is hard because of the mess.

Like organizing a purse, cleaning a computer is low-impact. You don’t have to move around and lift things to do it. You can simply do it at the comfort of your sofa and you’ll feel so much better afterwards. Here are some of the best tips for organizing the computer.

Remove unnecessary and duplicate files: before doing any organization project, it is always a good idea to de-clutter. You won’t need to look hard enough to realize that your computer has a lot of files that belong to the trash can. Duplicate files are particularly notorious for filling up the computer. Look through your folders and get rid of anything with more than one copy. While you are at it, get rid of the clutter. Your life will be much better without it.

Don’t store files on the desktop or Downloads folder: it’s easy to want to drag and drop items from a ton of places to the desktop. Similarly, when you download something from the Internet, it is stored in the Downloads folder. Over time it fills up with files and folders. Unfortunately, both the desktop and downloads folder are not the best places to store files. In case the computer crashes, you will lose all data stored here. You want to move everything to the computer drives.

Be descriptive with file names: whether you use your PC for watching movies, sending work emails, or creating YouTube content, you probably have too many files and folders in there. You want to group everything in a folder and use a good name to describe it. Make it as detail-oriented as possible.

Use large folders: to create a system that is easy to navigate, use large folders to group everything. There are a number of ways to do this but the common one is having a folder for documents made by you (word documents, blog articles, resumes), another one made by friends and family (family photos), and the last one for documents by other people (software, music, movies, etc). Once you have the large files, proceed to have smaller sub-folders under each folder.

Get an attractive desktop background: when you boot your computer, do you like the image that pops up? Does it make you feel alive and proud each time you stare at it? If not, take this time to get a good image for your background.

Create backups for your files: losing important data from the computer is not something to look forward to. To prevent that from happening, be sure to store your files on an external drive.

Clean your computer: after organizing the file system of your computer, you might want to finish the job off by actually cleaning it physically. Wipe off the keyboard and screen with a microfiber cloth and computer cleaning solution. Don’t forget to disinfect the mouse.

3. Clean your make-up brushes

According to, make-up brushes should be cleaned for a minimum of once a week. This is especially true for concealer and foundation brushes as they are the worst victims for product buildup. Most people who use make-up are well aware of this rule but how many of them actually stick by it? I would say less than 10%!

If you ever find yourself staring at the blank walls wondering what to do to escape boredom, you might want to actually get around to cleaning your make-up brushes. Your mind will certainly push against allowing you to do this but get to it anyways. The same mind will thank you when you are done.

See, a dirty make-up sponge or brush has lots of oils and product. This is criteria for breeding of bacteria which cause breakouts. At best, this leads to skin irritations. At worst, it will lead to an even more dangerous infection. Additionally, product buildup causes your brushes to deteriorate thereby shortening their life spans as well as effectiveness when it comes to application.

Here are some of the best practices when it comes to cleaning make-up brushes.

  • Soak first: sure, you can skip this step entirely but if you want terrific results for less effort, consider soaking your brushes in lukewarm water for a few minutes before actually cleaning them. This helps to loosen the dirt ultimately making the cleanup exercise effective.
  • Use a good make-up cleaner: make-up cleaning solutions are designed to disinfect brushes and get rid of the entire product with minimal effort. They also help the brushes and sponges to dry down fast. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a make-up cleaner, use the good old dish soap and water. Dish soap is very gentle while still very effective at breaking down oils and makeup.
  • Be gentle when cleaning: force is not equal to success when it comes to cleaning your make-up brushes. All you need to get the job done is apply a drop of your cleaner or dish soap on your palm then gently run the bristles through it. It’s more of a massage than rubbing.
  • Rinse thoroughly: once you are done massaging the brush or sponge on your palm, it is time to rinse it off. You want to run water through the bristles until all the dirt is out. Use a clean towel to squeeze off the excess and determine whether the brush needs further rinsing. It’s easy really; if the towel remains stain-free after rubbing your brush all over it, you are good to go. Otherwise get rinsing again.
  • Always dry your brusher on the counter:  it might seem unnecessary and a total waste of time but hanging your brushes off the edge of your counters rather than on a dry towel makes a world of a difference. This ensures the shape of the brushes is maintained.
  • Keep moisture way from the head: the point at which the brush connects with its handle should be a moisture-free zone. If you let some soap and water sip in there, it will disintegrate the glue that keeps the bristles tied together. Over time, the bristles will loosen up and start shedding. While you are it, don’t dry the brushes in a vertical position as the water will leak into the joint as well and cause bristle loss.
  • Utilize accessories for even better results: if you have a brushing tool in hand, feel free to use it to clean your brushes and sponges. Some are self-sufficient in that you won’t need soap or water to get the job done. All you have to do is swirl the sponge or brush over it to work loose the powder make-up stuck on them. Others have a “double thumb feature” alongside tons of textures to make cleaning all kinds of make-up brushes easy.

Cleaning and organizing when you are bored is like a far-fetched dream. However, if you develop the willpower to actually get started, you will likely get into the “cleaning mood” sooner than you think. This is a happy place that will make you very productive and most importantly kill boredom. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

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